4 - 11 januariLittle Khola Beach, India

Your Soul Space at Khola Beach

Oh how we love Khola Beach. During winter there is no other place we would rather be. We live on a deserted paradise beach, surrounded by the jungle, nestled amongst coconut palm trees, the perfect place to escape the winter and connect deep within. A place where time appears to stand still and everything is even more magical than you could imagine. 

A day with The Soul Space Khola Beach

We wake up by the sound of the crystal bowl and as the sun rises, we meet in silence for our first class and begin the day by arriving into our bodies. Thereafter, still in silence, we enjoy fresh tropical fruit and coconuts on the beach, overlooking the ocean… Mmm… Up until now we have been breathing together in silence – a beautiful and self-exploratory way to start the day. 

After some free time in the sun it’s time to met on the mat again, this time for a flowing practice. A class where we have the Vinyasa Flow Yoga as a base, but we are letting go of performance, perfection, and the pursuit of attaining a future goal to instead completely arrive into our bodies – turning off the outside for a while. Just as the yoga session comes to an end, when the body and mind have landed in a magic state, you begin to notice the scent of an irresistible Ayurvedic lunch. After, fully satisfied, we relax under a palm tree, go for a swim or treat the body to a soothing Ayurvedic massage. 

In the early afternoon, it is time for another exciting spiritual session which lasts until the sun sets, painting the sky with bright colors. After a refreshing shower we gather around the long table for a fantastic dinner under the stars, which will be loved by both your body and taste buds, before being cradled to sleep by the ocean waves.

All you need to know

​Hurray! You are only a breath away from booking an unforgettable retreat with the Soul Space in India. We long to practice mat to mat with you. 

    ​Our seven-day retreat in Khola Beach includes accommodation in charming beach bungalows, delicious and nourishing Ayurvedic meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), 5-7 hours of instructor lead yoga and meditation classes per day.

      Our paradise can be found in the southern part of Goa. From the airport, it is only an hour away – notify us of your arrival time and we will send our driver to pick you up. ​

      Here, we live together on 2-3 person bungalows, situated next to the beach, over looking the vast Indian Ocean. 

      On the first day of the retreat, we meet on the yogamat around 5 pm. We finish on the evening of the day before the last day of the retreat. the last day we say our goodbyes after breakfast around 10 am. 

      With love, 

      The Soul Space Family

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      This is not just a yoga retreat, meditation course or health detox - it is a complete experience for the mind, body and soul. Our concept utilises yoga and meditation as well as other exciting spiritual tools to allow you to explore movement, sensation, stillness, and above all – Yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, what experience you have (or don’t have), if you define yourself as tight or open, weak or strong, old or young – at The Soul Space you will feel at home.